• Do you have knowledge and experience?
  • Do you acknowledge the power of online teaching and are you ready to expand your public?

It is quite possible with Justeach!

You can use Justeach in

Use the designer to
Justeach courses if you are:

  • Coach
  • Teacher
  • Consultant
  • Generator of an original idea


If you have an author’s school, teach professionally in the corporate sector or train any civil society actors, with Justeach, you can easily digitize your training and build a mixed study system for your clients. An ability to adapt content, formats and conditions of interaction easily and according to the needs of a specific audience will make it possible to conduct the most client-focused training at no additional cost. The first training with the Justeach support can be the first step to systemic coaching: you can create multi-level trainings, set up a certification and student motivation system.


If you work in the field of education but wish to be free and offer your knowledge and experience to a wide audience? With Justeach, you can create original courses without being bound by an educational institution. You can seamlessly combine formal education of students from different universities, proficiency enhancement of teachers and informal self-education. A good course, especially an open one, and student feedback is a great contribution to your professional portfolio.


If you an expert in a certain area, follow trends and have up-to-date information, then microteaching with Justeach will allow you to create, easily update and scale up/down any topic-specific courses for different target audiences. You will save your time by posting webinar records, answers to common questions, instructions for working with new types of documents and lots of other information, which is so important for your clients. Electronic course for the students is a source of up-to-date information and long-distance “acquaintance” with the trainer. Face-to-face meetings are intended for problem solving, individual counseling and coaching.

Generator of an original idea

You have never taught professionally but have some knowledge, experience, techniques that you wish to share? With Justeach, you can start as a teacher, coach or consultant as comfortable as possible. No technical skills are required to create courses, you can conduct a free pilot course, advertise your courses on our platform and social media. Together we will be able to implement the Win-Win technology, because it is reasonable not to forget about, for example, proper nutrition, time management or creating a personal brand in the process of professional training.

It’s easy to create a course with Justeach

Provide brief theory and learning materials to the students

Supplement your course with instructions and examples

Add a motivating video or various demonstrations

Share materials of various formats

Test knowledge

Communicate with chats

Schedule webinars

Review the structure and change in 2 clicks

Configure mailings and issue of certificates

Quick launch

  • user-friendly interface and wide functionality of the designer
  • support of individual and group teaching
  • data protection
  • services of content supervisor and content manager
  • 24/7 technical support

Accessible training

  • courses are accessible via any gadget
  • multi-language
  • adaptable platform design
  • flexible access system
  • unlimited number of trainings and courses
  • convenient communication between teachers and students

Convenient management

  • service plans for various tasks
  • availability of the platform’s userbase to expand the target public
  • flexible connection conditions and training schedule
  • high adaptability to the client’s expectations
  • advertising and promotion of courses and authors


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